Woodworking Bed Plans for Constructing a Queen-Sized Bed

Let’s face it, beds (and any other furniture for that matter) can be quite expensive. So it’s not very surprising that quite a lot of people are becoming DIY (do-it-yourself) warriors these days.

If you have the time and creativity, and the urge to become a DIY warrior, I think you will be surprised at how easy it can be to construct, from scratch, your own queen sized bed. In fact, the general steps we will go over will help you to create a beautiful and comfortable bed for any room in your home.

You will need several standard carpentry tools for this project. Keep in mind that any money you invest in carpentry tools will be money well invested because you will be able to use these tools for many projects in the future provided you learn how to use them correctly and you take care of them.

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  1. Regular saw – by this I mean a circular saw to be used for most cutting tasks. Another great saw to have is a miter saw. These are a bit pricier but they make very precise cuts that fit together very nicely.
  2. Jig saw – for cutting rounded shapes in wood
  3. Tape Measure – for measuring all your material
  4. Nail gun – It just makes it a lot easier to nail things together. You can use a hammer but it takes a lot more effort and time.

Hình ảnh có liên quan


  1. MDF sheets (medium density fiberboard) you can use whatever types of wood you want to but MDF is strong and consistent and easy to work with.
  2. Wood glue
  3. Finishing nails
  4. Filler material
  5. Sandpaper

The dimensions of a queen sized bed are about 8’x4’. Eight feet by four feet is very ample space for a bed so you can get a great night of sleep. So your first step will be to make a 48 inch (four foot) headboard. Using the jig saw and the MDF sheet you can cut some smooth arcs for a design in the headboard and footboard of your new bed.

After measuring and cutting the headboard, footboard, and side boards of your bed and using the jigsaw to cut a design into the boards you can easily use some small screws and glue to combine them all together.

Once you have all the main pieces of the bed assembled you can use some smaller trim pieces to add to the design and beauty of your bed. Then you will want to put a trim piece of sturdy wood to the inside of the side pieces of your bed to hold the slats up.

The slats will be what holds your box springs, mattress, and ultimately you up so you will want to make sure the trim that holds the slats up are attached very securely. You can use up to 12 slats if you want to and that will take the stress off of any one slat since every one added just ads to the strength of the bed. Attach the slats with screws and the inside trim piece the slats are resting on should be attached with screws and glue.

Make sure all the screws used are long enough and strong enough to hold the weight that will be placed on them because the last thing a sleeping person needs is to hear their bed cracking under the strain. You also do not want to screws to be too long because they penetrate the wood you are attaching to and that could damage the strength of the wood.

You just have to be careful to use sturdy material and good fastening techniques as well as precise measuring so the structure will be as strong as possible. Once you get the basics of carpentry down all this will be a walk in the park though because attaching wood together works the same for every type of furniture.

After you have the main frame of your bed assembled you can add as many or as few other moldings and decorative features as you want. The sky is the limit and the finished product will be determined by how much time and energy you want to invest.

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