Woodworking Bench Plans Step By Step

Looking at woodworking bench plans? A bamboo-covered bench is pretty easy to build and is actually a recommended project for DIY (do-it-yourself) people with little or no carpentry experience. Recommended because it’s very easy to do and you can wind up with a very beautiful and serviceable bench for your home.  Continue reading to see just how easy it is to make your very own bamboo-covered bench!

Any DIY enthusiast will tell you that mastering the basics of carpentry is not only relatively easy to do but it will open the door for you to create all sorts of beautiful and useful objects and pieces of furniture. This will save you a lot of money, give you something to do in your spare time, and leave you with all sorts of things you can be proud of and cherish for a long time.

Building a bench will be easy and it will help you start learning the basics of carpentry. Once you have the basics of carpentry down it will be second nature for you to build beds, shelves, tables, benches, chairs, cabinets and all sorts of things because all of them follow the same rules of carpentry and construction.

Finding a good set of woodworking bench plans is the best place to start. A good set of plans will give you a list of tools and materials and it will give you options for whatever size you need your bench to be.


  1. You need to find some bamboo flooring (synthetic bamboo flooring will work fine and be a lot easier to get your hands on). You could also use any other type of flooring like oak, poplar, etc… but then it wouldn’t be a bamboo-covered bench would it?
  2. You will also need some wood glue for attaching some of the parts together.
  3. A Large MDF (medium density fiberboard) sheet
  4. A small MDF sheet for covering the legs of your bench
  5. Pine boards for the actual bench frame. Pine is the prime choice for beginning woodworkers.


  1. As with all carpentry projects you will need a regular circular saw. You can use a manual handsaw but it will take a lot more labor and time. You may want to have a handsaw for some fine work and other uses.
  2. You will need a larger miter saw for precision cuts. Some pieces of wood, like bamboo, are very hard and will take a lot of work to cut without power tools.
  3. A screw gun will save you a lot of time and effort and will come in handy for many carpentry projects.
  4. A nail gun will also be a very handy thing to have for your DIY projects to save a lot of time and energy. The best type of nail gun run by an air compressor.

Now the first step in the construction of your bamboo covered bench is to use the large MDF sheet to create a box that will be the seat of the bench. When you are finished you will have two long sides and two short sides.

The length of your bench will be determined by the long sides of your box. Use nails to attach two stringers between the longer pieces. Make these stringers equally spaced and back from the ends of the longer boards. Use smaller pieces of wood to create square at each corner (these are for the legs of your bench).

The resulting spaces at each corner should match the dimensions of the legs you want to use. Also, you should add a space for a fifth leg in the middle of your bench. This will prevent anyone from breaking your new bench.

Now it’s time to put the legs together. Use the smaller MDF sheet for that. Make sure you create them to fit in the spaces you created when you assembled the seat of your bench. Attach your new legs to your new bench seat using nails and strengthen it with glue.

When your bench frame is complete you can use a light adhesive to glue the synthetic bamboo flooring to all the surfaces of your bench. If you make everything in uniform dimensions it will be a lot easier to cut the bamboo flooring to cover your bench because many pieces will be exactly the same size.

It is highly recommended to use a miter saw to cut the flooring. These saws can be a little pricey but in the end you will find that it’s a great investment for all your DIY woodworking projects.

I hope you have found this article informative and useful and I also hope you take this final tip to heart: before you start your project go find a great set of bench woodworking plans.

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