An Introduction to Woodworking Plans and Designs

woodworking plans & designs

If you really want to get into a hobby that is super satisfying as well as exciting and productive woodworking really fits the bill. Specially since there are great resources out there for you to use that show you everything you need to have and to do to produce some great functional furniture. All you really need is a few tools, some wood, and a set of great woodworking plans!

Woodworking is an awesome hobby because it involves creating great new things like furniture from scratch that you can use right away in your home. If you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person there really is no more exciting or more productive hobby to get into, not to mention, you can save a lot of money by making furniture yourself. What better way to spend your free time than by learning the great hobby of woodworking!

If you have ever bought furniture I’m sure you realize that it is quite expensive to buy well made furniture that has been crafted from quality material. DIY woodworking allows you to own some beautiful, high quality wood furniture for a fraction of the cost of buying even the cheap pieces in most furniture stores. You can save hundreds of dollars on tables, chairs, cabinets, etc… by using woodworking plans to put together some very fine furniture.

There is a great chance you will be astounded by how much you can save. For example, did you know you can actually own a very beautiful queen sized bed frame for less than $100?

queen size wood bed frame
How much this frame would cost you in the market? Not cheap, right?

Of course, it depends on the type of wood you want to use. Some pine boards can be quite inexpensive and then you can spend a bit more for cherry or cedar but the finished product is a lot more valuable and expensive when you are buying furniture crafted from wood. With the help of woodworking plans you can create some very durable and valuable pieces of furniture.

Usually, great woodworking plans are created with one thing in mind: to teach people how to quickly and easily recreate high quality woodworking projects in a step by step manner that covers all the details. Woodworking plans that fit the bill as being great ones will have been created by experienced designers or experts and will contain two sub-lists and a set of step-by-step instructions as well as graphics or illustrations or even videos.

There will be one list outlining the tools that will be required for the project and a list of alternative tools just in case you do not have or are not able to acquire specific tools. The other list will give you a shopping list of materials and hardware you may need to complete the project.

The list of tools needed is very important because some DIY woodworking enthusiasts may not have access to some of the more expensive tools needed and may have to wait until they do have those tools for some projects. Most projects can be done with limited tools but there are some special saws and adhesives that are used in the steps in some woodworking plans.

Believe it or not some projects will require adhesives to complete! Most woodworking projects can be completed with nails, screws, tacks or brads, and hard ware such as hinges, knobs, and latches or catches but some of the smaller pieces or specialty items may requires glue or adhesives for a professional look.

Yes, woodworking requires the use of adhesives! While it is true that wooden pieces can be joined by nails, screws, and small hinges, adhesives (wood glue, specifically) are used to seal small cracks in the resulting framework.

As I said before, some of the better woodworking plans may include videos or even 3-D drawings. You may be surprised at how tech-savvy some woodworking enthusiasts are and how detailed some of the better woodworking plans are put together.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wood 3d drawing plan
Videos and 3-D drawings are nice to have but what’s more important is having detailed instructions no matter how you get them. Don’t think that all great woodworking plans will have to include 3-D drawings or videos since well written instructions are really good enough most of the time. Everyone learns in different ways but most people do just fine as long as the written instructions cover all the details.

However your plans are delivered you simply need to make sure to pay attention to exact measurements and dimensions and be sure to follow any special instructions.

Another good idea is to make sure you check with the original source of your plans so you have any and all updates or changes. Sometimes new tools or materials can be used to streamline processes, reduce costs or improve on older designs.

If you can print out your woodworking plan it would come in handy when you are working on the project because you will be able to refer to the plans as you work. Tablets and laptops are great but using them IN your workshop may not be the most efficient or safest option for those expensive electronics.